Combining the Curing Power of Garlic and Honey

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Do you need something natural that can help strengthen your immune system to help you get over colds and other sicknesses faster? Mix garlic with a bit of honey into a container and keep it in your refrigerator. It barely costs a thing, takes hardly any effort to make, and a garlic / honey combination is exactly what you need to set your immune system into overdrive. For centuries, both garlic and honey have been well-regarded as natural remedies for various ailments, and their power is only boosted when they are taken in combination.


It’s almost not worth it to supplement with just tiny bits of garlic, because to see the truly powerful effects of this plant, it should be eaten in the same quantities as any other food. Unfortunately, the taste is so strong, that even hardcore garlic-lovers may find it difficult to swallow enough of the raw cloves. However, if you add honey into the mix, the taste becomes much easier to manage, and you can more easily stomach large amounts of garlic. In addition, honey itself has positive medicinal qualities, which can only strengthen the effects of the garlic.


Separate, they have amazing medicinal properties, but when combined, they become powerful immune boosters that can help you fight head colds and even the common flu. This is all totally natural and can keep your immune system strong even when you’re not necessarily ill.


Not only does honey have antioxidant effects, but it is also a powerful antimicrobial agent. It is packed with nutrition, and can be practically considered a vitamin supplement on its own. It can not only work against sore throats and coughs that result from allergies, it can strengthen the immune system and increase ones energy. Learn more about honey.


Like honey, garlic has antimicrobial properties. In addition, it can reduce inflammation and contains a huge quantity of important vitamins and minerals like calcium, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin C and vitamin B6. In addition, garlic can promote a healthy heart, drop your blood pressure, and reduce your cholesterol. Learn more about garlic.

Ingredients and Items You’ll Need:

-Mason Jar

Mason Jar:
Be sure the Mason jar is clean and sterilized, as you would if you were canning.

Honey: Raw Honey versus Pasteurized
Raw honey will have more health benefits. Raw honey is not processed and contains more nutrients than filtered honey. One piece of advice is to look for clean, local honey free from pesticides and from a source locally, if possible, to help with allergens in your area. The best bet is to find local, raw honey.

Fresh. If you don’t grow garlic, get the freshest you can buy. Do not buy garlic that’s already peeled. You need to peel it yourself, and depending how much you’re making this can take time. Use a garlic peeler if you want to speed the process.


1. Clean and sterilize the jar and lid.
Use a jar size appropriate for the amount you are processing. You’ll need the honey to completely cover the garlic, while leaving a little headroom in the jar.


2. Prepare the garlic.
Peel the fresh garlic. You can crush the garlic cloves or leave whole. With crushed garlic cloves (just smashed with a flat side of a knife, NOT minced), the honey will infuse the garlic more quickly. The whole garlic cloves remain a firm consistency after sitting in the honey for weeks. Trim the garlic ends, as needed.

You can add crushed garlic and whole garlic cloves to speed the process. Just use the smashed garlic cloves first.

Image credit to: GardeningChannel

3. Place cloves in jar and cover with honey.
Leave space in the top of the jar. If you are using raw honey, delicately raise the temperature of the honey to melt it. You can do this by placing in a warm water bath. Do not overheat, destroying its health benefits.

Image credit to: GardeningChannel

4. Secure the lid and let sit for a few days at room temperature.

Image credit to: GardeningChannel

5. Store in refrigerator.
You can use the garlic after a few days, but the flavor mellows after a week or two. The cloves will last in the honey for months. Some will replace cloves as they eat them.

You may notice the honey bubbling, and that’s part of the fermenting process. If you’re concerned about bacteria in the infusion, remember honey is a natural preservative and is antimicrobial. Just be sure to use clean jars.


Simply put, eat the whole garlic cloves (dipped in honey)!
If you are feeling ill, have a clove every few hours, making sure that you’re eating a least five of them per day. As you feel your immune system charging up, you may reduce your intake, though be sure to eat only healthy foods to avoid slipping back into sickness. You may also use the honey on its own, or by dripping it into teas or other drinks.

Use the honey.
Use in cooking, tea, tonics or as a cough syrup.


Try Pickled Garlic.

Preserve Berries in Honey: Try preserving cranberries or blueberries in honey. These berries work best with their firm outside peel. Also, use the honey as berry flavored syrup.


Want to learn more about the health benefits of honey infused garlic?

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Featured Image: credit to GardeningChannel

Source: GardeningChannel



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